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Como enfermeiro veterinário qualificado no Reino Unido e dono de alguns gatos ao longo dos anos, tive a necessidade de recorrer como cliente a serviços desta natureza, o que me motiva a criar o serviço de qualidade que desejamos para os nossos queridos animais de estimação enquanto de férias, sem qualquer preocupação sobre o seu bem estar.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Winter Warmth

Winter may have arrived, with temperatures dropping but the lodges are lovely and warm. Each lodge is lined with PVC walling, which not only gives an easy cleaning surface but also provides an insulation layer and is fire retardant. In addition to this we use microwaveable heat pads (which are much safer than hot water bottles and the heat lasts longer) under the fluffy vet bedding and should the temperatures become too low to be comfortable for the cats, we have infra red lamps available to use, as we all know that cats love to be warm.